Banned from BeerMoneyForum

Unfortunately I am banned from BeerMoneyForum without a reason. So I can not post payment proofs on that site and can not tell you anymore if a site is paying or not.
You can always follow me on FoxyRating for more information about all websites and payment proofs: https://foxyrating.com/en/member_159242

Feb-22-2020 12:01:28 PM


Somebody with Payeer account P90573613 steals money from the site Vietnam-Gold.com. He did the same with his Perfect Money account U15410570 from the site KoreanBitcoin.biz.
He tried to do it also from the site CashPalas.com but because they are withdraw manually we could prevent this fraud and we didn't lose money at this site because we changed our password and recoverd our payment details again.
Be careful and change immediately your password.
His IP address is: and it comes from the neighbourhood of Chişinau in Moldova.

Oct-20-2019 09:17:34 AM