Problems with EnergySystems

The program was introduced since 29 April 2019 and we got paid daily till 1 May 2019.
But now we see on their homepage suddenly the message "Dear investors, the project will start on May 10! Pre-registration is open!" and we can not login anymore with our login details. We get the following error: "This login is not in the database".
One other member had the same problem also and he told us the same story like we have now.
So don't invest in this project anymore because you never know if they stopped paying out and reject access to your account within a few days again. Because it's very strange that you can not login anymore after a few days and that you get a message that they will start the project again in future while it was running already for a few days!!

May-4-2019 12:18:55 PM

Perfect Money and Payeer payments also possible now at HourHighYield

It's also possible now to deposit and withdraw via Perfect Money and Payeer on the site of Hour High Yield Ltd. They withdraw instantly small amounts when you withdraw via Perfect Money or Payeer.

Apr-8-2019 10:55:22 AM