News stops at 10 December 2019

The FaucetHub Micropayment Platform will stop their services at 10 December 2019. It's important to withdraw all your balances before that date.
See for all information the next link:

Nov-9-2019 01:38:45 PM


Somebody with Payeer account P90573613 steals money from the site He did the same with his Perfect Money account U15410570 from the site
He tried to do it also from the site but because they are withdraw manually we could prevent this fraud and we didn't lose money at this site because we changed our password and recoverd our payment details again.
Be careful and change immediately your password.
His IP address is: and it comes from the neighbourhood of Chişinau in Moldova.

Oct-20-2019 09:17:34 AM

Migration to new server

Because of problems at the server of our hosting provider, our site was unfortunately offline for several days last week. And because the migration to a new server went wrong, we lost a lot of data.
But now we reinstalled the script again and we must add all (paying) HYIP programs to our site again. That's why you can see some errors in the payout of some programs. Also all scam sites and other programs are lost.
From now on everything works fine again and we will add daily new HYIP programs here on our site.

Jul-6-2019 01:32:43 PM